Homegrown Tomatoes

Seedling & Plant Sale

Season 2022 March 25th to May 6th

Tomatoes $4.00 or 3 for $10.00

Slice ’em thick for a sandwich, pluck ’em fresh for a salad, roast ’em up on the grill. Just enjoy ’em!

There is nothing better than a homegrown, fresh from your own garden, tomato. Once you’ve eaten your own tomato you will forever be spoiled for grocery store picks.

There are two (generally) grow categories of tomatoes – Indeterminate and Determinate. Indeterminates will grow tall, large and until the frost kills them off. That doesn’t necessarily mean they will continue to fruit all that time but the vines will keep going. Determinates have a ‘determined’ growth. They will get to their specified height or put on the selected amount of fruit and then go dormant.

In our local growing area (Sutter, Yuba, Butte & Colusa Counties) determinates are a good choice if you don’t want to risk losing tomatoes to the heat. Grow them early and fast for a lot of tomatoes at one time. However, if you want tomatoes all season long go for an indeterminate that will continue to put on fruit all summer and into fall. They may stall in the hottest of weather (except noted heat tolerant varieties below) but will bounce back as it cools down.

On our mini-farm, we will be growing both. Determinates to give us all our hearts desire in early, tasty goodness. Indeterminates for continued pleasure all season long. Then as the heat comes down we will replant more determinates to fill our freezer.