S O U L eating. S O U L food.

S O U L eating. S O U L food.

S for Satisfying. Because when food doesn’t satisfy us then why eat it? When we don’t feel we are being satisfied then we tend to overeat and eat to cover issues. When we are satisfied with our food we feel full, contented and healthy. The more nutritious a food is the more our bodies feel full and satisfied

O is for Organic. Probably guess I would say that but I really believe our diets should be organic. Definitely if you are eating eggs and dairy they must be organic. Regular farmed dairy and eggs are so full of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics that you are hurting yourself when you consume them. You will also be creating a better world because factory farming of these animals is unhealthy for our planet not to mention the poor chickens and cows. Another great list to follow is the Dirty Dozen by the EWG, the Environmental Working Group. These are the foods that are most dangerously poisoned and modified. The cleaner your food, the better your health. 

U is for Unique. Each of us has needs unique to our body. Your diet needs to be the best one for you. Uniquely built for your health. For me getting my greens each day will give me the highest levels of energy. Not everyone needs that, but I’ve found it works for me. On the other hand when I eat even a little gluten my belly bloats, my feet swell and I get achy. I also have an allergy to beef, I won’t go into how bad that makes me feel. It’s the idea that if you know one way to keep your blood pressure in control is to eat 4 ribs of celery a day but you hate celery then it really won’t work for you.

L is for Livable. I don’t believe in fade diets or drastic one day changes. They aren’t livable. It takes time and little steps to make a lasting eating change. It’s also about knowing how you’re going to handle a birthday party or a dinner out with friends. You make the rules. Knowing what you’re comfortable with. I have no problem bringing a big bowl of strawberries to share while everyone else eats pie, but that would make some people very uncomfortable. And as long as those rules are truly what is best for your health and life and not always just what is easiest then it works. It’s the difference between a cookie being a treat or a cheat. It’s in the mindset, eating for the best you for the rest of your life, no guilt, no punishments – just health and pleasure. But while I’m on a cruise I’m going to the chocolate buffet! 

That’s my food philosophy of S O U L eating. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments below. And if you’d like to delve deeper into eating for your health check out my Holistic Wellness Coaching.