Welcome to My Home & Garden

Hi, I’m Johnann and I’m so glad you’re here. Let me introduce you to my home and garden. We live on, what I call, a ‘mini farm’ located in the heart of California’s orchard and rice land, Yuba City. Our neighborhood is etched out of what was once a large almond orchard. Some of those original almonds are standing proud even if they are a bit twisted. Now the area has almonds, walnuts, prunes, peaches, olives and pecans.

A toque is a Chef’s hat, one of the most distinguishing images of the trained chef. I donned my first toque, on the day I entered culinary school. Wearing that hat and my white double breasted jacket, gave me incredible pride. Now I’m not as likely to grab my toque before I whip up a dish, but it still represents the knowledge and skills of my inner chef.

The trowel is the symbol of a gardener. About 10,000 years ago Neolithic people started using them to domesticate the ground – they became gardeners! We will use ours to cultivate the land and try to tame the tomato, pepper & other tasty veggies.

Together, we are bringing them together. Join me at Toque & Trowel as we honor food – in our gardens and in our kitchens.

To learn more about Johnann Johnson’s story, skills and training go to her website for Johnann Johnson Living Happy & Well.